Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Food Maker – Full Review

Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Food Maker – Full Review

Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Food Maker

A Convenient Way to Make and Package Homemade Baby Food

The Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System offers quick convenience and gives you a safe, sanitary way to package homemade baby food. The system comes with two different bowls as well as two different blades, so you can grind, mill, or puree your child’s foods to the right consistency. The milling blade lets you grind foods like oats, rice, whole grains, and other cereals into a fine powder that can be reconstituted or blended into other foods to increase their fiber content.

It would be fantastic if the kit included more food storage cups, however the set of six that comes with it is very nice to have, and you can always buy extras if you need to. The storage cups feature date-dial lids so you’re never left with mystery meals inside the refrigerator. There is also a batch tray with a lid, which you can use to freeze individual portions for later use. This is a really nice feature, as you can make and freeze as many batches as you like. We package single meals in small sandwich bags and keep them in labeled freezer bags. It’s easy to take one meal out of the bag, thaw it out, warm it up, and enjoy the good feeling that comes with knowing baby is getting a great homemade meal! We also used the batch tray to make popsicles for ourselves out of some leftover smoothie that we made inside the baby bullet. If you want a set that’s good for more than just its intended purpose, then this is one worth considering.

Cuts Baby Food Cost

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All methods of making homemade baby food save you money, and the Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System is so affordable that it pays for itself very quickly. We were pretty surprised at all the “goodies” that come with this kit. If value is important to you, then this is a nice set that also happens to be budget-friendly.

Whether you’re currently buying baby food in jars, pouches, or other containers, your per-serving cost will drop dramatically when you start using this system (or any of the others that we’ve reviewed!) Consider that an organic banana costs about 30-40 cents, and will make about five ounces of banana puree. If you do three bananas, you get five 3-ounce servings for about 90 cents, saving an average of 40-50 cents per serving over commercial baby food that’s probably not organic, and that has a shelf life of a few years (meaning your baby’s food is actually older than he or she is, yuck!)

The other way the Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System saves money is by cutting waste. You can quickly make enough food to last for a few days, so you never have to throw out old baby food that never quite made it to meal time.


Includes Recipes and a Nutrition Guide

Some baby food makers don’t include much in the way of extras. The Baby Bullet Baby Care System is different – it comes with all kinds of things that make life more convenient for you, plus there are some really helpful guides. The nutrition guide introduces you to basic information about your baby’s needs, and the recipe book gets you started with making delicious blends that your little one will love to eat. It includes signs that your baby is ready to eat solid food, a list of foods not to feed your child during the first year, a step-by-step plan for treating your child to his or her very first solid meal, and a schedule for introducing new, exciting foods. It also comes with eating schedules for different stages of development, a food journal that you can use to track your baby’s reaction to different foods, and advice for selecting a well-rounded menu for your child’s weekly intake.


Puts You in Complete Control of Your Child’s Diet

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Like other homemade baby food makers, the Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System puts you in complete control of your child’s daily food intake. You never wonder if there might be impurities in the food your little one is eating, since you whipped it up yourself! You can provide as much variety as you like this way, ensuring that your child grows up with a healthy, well-developed palate and an interest in eating a variety of healthy foods including fruits and vegetables. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that you are setting your child up for a lifetime of healthy eating by treating him or her to the very best homemade foods from the very beginning.


Easy to Use

If you’re looking for a foolproof way to make homemade baby food, then this is a system that’s well worth looking into. Like other products made by Magic Bullet, it offers quick, easy assembly and a one-touch design. Just fill the cup or bowl, activate the Baby Bullet’s base, and you’ll have fresh baby food in a matter of seconds.

The set includes a soft tip spatula that’s sized just right for transferring foods into the storage and freezer containers provided. This simple but useful component eliminates hassle and saves you time.


Simple to Clean and Store

Cleaning the Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System is quick and easy. The base wipes clean, and you can simply fill the bowl with hot, soapy water and blend for a few moments to clean the blade. Do be sure that you don’t go over the full mark though – we made this mistake and ended up with a soapy mess! Other parts must be hand-washed in hot, soapy water. This takes just a few moments, as long as you take care of the dishes immediately after making or serving your baby’s food.

We keep track of all the cups and lids that aren’t being used by storing them inside a bin in the cupboard. That way, nothing gets lost. The baby bullet base and blending bowl stay up on the counter since we use them frequently. As the base has a very small footprint, it takes up minimal space and I have to admit to liking the cheerful, smiling face on the front of the unit!


“Is the Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System Phthalate and BPA free?”

Yes. The components are free from Phthalate and BPA, plus they are free of PVC.

“Does the unit steam the baby food?”

No. You will need to use another system for cooking the baby food. The Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System is for pureeing and / or milling foods, as well as for storing them.

“Can you use other containers with this system? I like pouches.”

Yes. You can package your baby’s food in whatever containers you like, just be sure that plastic ones are non-toxic! If you are looking for another easy way to package lots of baby food at once, consider the Infantino Squeeze Station, which we also reviewed. It lets you fill 3 bags at once and is great for anyone with a hectic schedule or multiple babies / toddlers.

“Can you heat the cups in the microwave?”

The manufacturer warns against warming the Baby Care System cups in the microwave. If you want to microwave your child’s food, you’ll need to transfer it to a heat-safe dish.

“Can you use other Magic Bullet cups on the Baby Bullet?”

No, according to the manufacturer, they are not interchangeable.

“Can you process all types of food in this machine?”

No. It is designed to work with fruits, vegetables, and grains. It is not intended for use with meat products.

“Can I use this to make smoothies for my toddler?”

Yes! It’s perfect for making toddler smoothies, or even small-sized smoothies for older kids and grownups.

“How much food does each storage container hold?”

Each of the storage containers holds 2 ounces.


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The Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System saves you lots of time and money by letting you process and package your baby’s food in a safe, convenient way. It’s very easy to assemble, operate, and clean, and it takes only a little bit of storage space on your countertop or in the cupboard. The smiley face jars are fun to use, and they’re portable for taking baby’s healthy meals along anywhere you go. The freezer tray is a really nice touch, allowing you to process seasonal foods for later enjoyment. You can find the Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System for sale at online retailers including Amazon.

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Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Food Maker – Full Review
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